NOTE: We do not endorse or condone fascism, racism, or fundamentalism of any kind, nor do we seek to glorify the Nazi regime.  The horrific atrocities that were committed and deaths must never be forgotten.  Many veterans brought back items in victory so it is our purpose to preserve them for the sake of history.

Our mission is to procure and preserve authentic artifacts of WWII history. Utilizing our private collection, purchases with fellow collectors and various Veteran buys we are accomplishing our goal. Why our Name? “To-The-Hilt” means in full, nothing lacking, completely, to the very limit.  Each militaria piece showcased in our collection is in excellent to near mint condition. We believe that with quality artifacts there should be nothing lacking.  We try very hard to procure the in full and authentic pieces in their original found state. We are discerning and particular about all aspects of the artifact.  My passion for collecting was fostered by my Opa who served in WWII.  

Over the years we have procured daggers, swords, medals, helmets, armbands, flags, field gear, literature, photo albums, firearms, belts & buckles and a 1945 Jeep Willy’s. Many original items on our website were pieces my Grandfather brought back from the war himself.  Other pieces were obtained from WWII Soldiers in the US and Germany over the past 50+ years. With my Grandmother being a War Bride my Grandfather visited Germany many times post WWII.  He was always passionate about adding to our collection of WWII Third Reich Militaria.